Teaming interior design and furniture knowledge enables the team to respond to the needs of each project with seamless communication.

Design and Planning:

Productive Business Interiors designers are experienced at creating design plans that help our clients achieve their business objectives.     They are knowledgeable about the latest products from our many vendor resources.  We coordinate daily with architects and contractors.   Our team reviews the building documents and interior factors in order to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

The PBI design team walks clients through the design process by providing product boards, detailed product drawings and specifications, 3-D renderings, and installation drawings and instructions.  They work closely with our sales team to establish budgets which include furnishings and associated services to complete the project.

Our design services include:

  • Space Audit or Analysis
  • Space Planning
  • Reconfiguration Plans
  • Interior Finish Selection  for furnishings and/or buildings
  • Detailed Furniture Planning and Specifications
  • Inventory of New and Existing Equipment
  • Standards Program Development
  • Artwork Selection
  • Signage / Wayfinding
  • Window treatments

SmartTools Design toolConfigura/CET Designer

The design process for the contract furniture industry has always required designers to work at a detailed parts level and is very complex, sometimes taking years to learn the rules and application criteria for systems furniture. CET Designer® reduces the learning curve to understand and design with our extensive systems products, designing at the object rather than at the parts level. This is much more efficient and intuitive than traditional programs. Design modifications are easier and faster to implement.

We will be able to offer more design and product applications solutions, coupled with the ability to cost effectively and quickly render those solutions. Designers using this software can provide customers with faster overall responses, accurate specifications, a broader variety of design possibilities and budgetary pricing. CET Designer® enhances our business offerings and differentiates us and our dealers, providing a competitive advantage for us and better value for our customers.”

Steven Eriksson, Channel Strategy Leadership Team, Steelcase Inc.