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Productive Business Interiors is now Custer | Fort Wayne

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Who is Custer?

For over 38 years, Custer has created exceptional workspaces that augment meaningful connections and empower people to do their best work. Custer designs and builds environments that maximize productivity and a sense of purpose, drawing on extensive research and established expertise. Providing full-service solutions including workplace strategy, design, integrated technology, custom-tailored solutions and furniture, Custer delivers spaces that inspire and support great work.

Where is Custer located?

Custer operates out of multiple location in West Michigan, and now, Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have two office locations in Grand Rapids, one location in Kalamazoo, one location in Traverse City, and a new office located in downtown Holland on the Michigan lakeshore. For a complete list of locations, visit https://www.custerinc.com/why-custerinc/#locations

What are Custer’s core capabilities?

As a Steelcase Authorized Dealership, Custer is focused on furniture for the interior environment and the consultative strategies to support design applications for our clients. As part of our portfolio, we also own four subsidiary companies to execute other capabilities around the built environment – commercial and residential flooring, electrical, technology, coworking space, and custom design-built statement pieces. 

How can I learn more about Custer’s family of companies?

CS Erickson | Power & Technology Services | www.cserickson.com

Century | Flooring & Commercial Cleaning Services | www.century-GR.com

Renegade | Custom Design-Build Solutions | www.builtbyrenegade.com

Worklab | Coworking and Concierge Meeting Facility | www.worklab-gr.com

When is this acquisition effective?

September 1st, 2019 at 12:01am.

Is Productive Business Interiors still in existence?

No, effective September 1st, 2019, PBI is no longer a Steelcase Authorized Dealership or business entity. 

How will my current products be serviced if something goes wrong?

Custer has a dedicated customer service team to address any warranty issues or dissatisfaction with product or services provided in the past by PBI. If you are experiencing an issue with a product purchase, please contact kwondergem@custerinc.com.

What is being accomplished by this acquisition?

Custer is excited to bring a wider breadth of products and capabilities to the Fort Wayne market. We have the backing and confidence of Steelcase – the world’s largest furniture manufacturer – to ensure our customers are getting the best possible experience for their renovation or new space.

What happens to in-process orders?

Acknowledged orders will not be disrupted in this transition. Current orders will be carried out by PBI’s existing installation team. Orders placed after September 1st, 2019 at 12:01am will be acknowledge and scheduled through Custer’s operations channel.

Will outstanding quotes still be honored?

Custer will honor the terms and pricing outlined on your project quote for 30 days following quotation delivery. All quotes delivered after the September 1st effective date will be subject to Custer’s terms and conditions. Your Sales Representative (Custer Workplace Advisor) will be able to answer any questions specific to your order.

I am an existing PBI customer. How can I set Custer up as a new vendor in my system?

We’ll provide support in the brief process to collect your company information for our records and to lay out our terms and conditions for your acceptance. To provide this verification and to set Custer up as a vendor in your system, please email CustomerAccounts@custerinc.com.

I am a vendor of PBI. How do I establish Custer as a customer in my system?

We recognize that you’ll need our sales tax license and credit information to establish Custer as a customer. Vendors, please reach out to payables@custerinc.com to request this information.

Will I maintain my same sales representation?

Yes. Point of contact for existing clients will not change in the immediate future. We’re dedicated to ensuring strong relationships are maintained and each client is given the necessary resources to service their account.

What’s the best way to contact Custer?

Your current PBI contact’s email addresses have been adjusted. They can now be reached at FirstName.LastName@custerinc.com.

For general questions regarding the acquisition, you may contact Todd Custer, President & CEO | tcuster@custerinc.com or Nikki Probst, VP Business Relations | nprobst@custerinc.com.

For media inquiries only, please contact Tricia Jackson | tricia.jackson@custerinc.com.